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Protection RV003X - Disinfectant wipes

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Protection RV003X

The RV003X disinfecting wipe is a Protection brand item made entirely of non-woven material. It will be your best option for cleaning your hands or those of others in places where you will not have access to water. This wipe is disposable and antibacterial, making it ideal for removing bacteria from your hands to avoid cross-contamination. This wipe is hypoallergenic, contains few sensitizing ingredients, and is free of allergenic molecules, making it suitable for all skin types, particularly those with allergies. This wipe contains 75% alcohol, which kills germs on your hands, and it comes individually wrapped for convenience. It is compliant with the law (EU) 2015/863 amending Annex II of the law 2011/65/EU, so you can use it with confidence. Moreover, it has undergone IEC 62321:2013 standard test before being released to the market to be sure of its effectiveness.

Reference: RV003X
Manufacture: 100% non-woven material, 75% alcohol
Weight: 66 gsm
Colours: White
Sizes: One size

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Size 1-11 12-35 36-71 Stock Qty.
Unique $ 15.80 $ 13.93 $ 12.05 726